M43: YGT / Your Gay Thoughts


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Something pretty different for you this month on Monologues as we head over to the beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia to meet Your Gay Thoughts. This five-piece outfit make weird, wonderful, woozy downtempo beats that cross from wigged-out stoned hip-hop jams to jazzy oddities and plenty more experimentalism besides. They’ve also recently branched out into dancefloor-oriented sounds via their YGT project, churning out Frits Wentink-y leftfield house wonk of the highest order. This mix takes you through both sides of their creative output and makes for a pretty wild trip.

*How would you describe your sound?*

Fake jazz / post-pop.

*What and who inspires you and influences your sound?*

There's so much new inspiring music one can hear every that it's really hard to define what exactly influences our stuff, but that I could say that the millennium golden age of MTV RnB probably leaves marks in every step of our musical voyage.

*Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?

This mix to me is like a journey that takes you through our past, present and also the future, because it includes bits of forthcoming work, that's still in progress. In the mix there's music from our band Your Gay Thoughts, instrumental beats, some stuff from YGT—our new dancefloor friendly project—some music from our forthcoming second LP that will come out on King Deluxe in 2018, a forthcoming track for Jazz Cabbage, a few remixes from our friends, some old demos, new demos, few exotic edits we released for Prrrrrrr Records and more.


Your Gay Thoughts - Perilous Storm [King Deluxe]

Your Gay Thoughts - 8bit Astro [King Deluxe]

Your Gay Thoughts - Gastrolith pt 2 (TizTiz Remix) [King Deluxe]

Your Gay Thoughts - Dybbuk Instrumental (demo)

Your Gay Thoughts - Wet Vexing Rose (Salty Sam Remix) [King Deluxe)

Your Gay Thoughts - Morning After (demo)

Your Gay Thoughts - Claude Monet [King Deluxe]

Your Gay Thoughts - Transit of Venus instrumental (demo)

Your Gay Thoughts - Inn Kick Blunt 6 (demo)

Your Gay Thoughts - Inn Kick Blunt 4 (demo)

Your Gay Thoughts - Westside [rx:tx]

Your Gay Thoughts - untitled footwork demo

Your Gay Thoughts - That's Past [King Deluxe]

Your Gay Thoughts - Wet Vexing Rose [King Deluxe]

Your Gay Thoughts - The Watercolors CD hidden track [King Deluxe]

Untitled YGT Remix [Jazz Cabbage]

Brazillian Girls - All About Us (YGT live edit)

YGT - UWTB [Jazz Cabbage]

YGT - untitled (demo)

YGT - Aperol Spritz [SVNSET WAVES]

Your Gay Thoughts - Mariah [King Deluxe]

Alain Gorager - La Femme (Your Gay Thoughts Flip) [Prrrrrrr Records]

Your Gay Thoughts - Honolulu [King Deluxe]

YGT - Mary Lou [Jazz Cabbage]

Les Baxter - Wotuka (Your Gay Thoughts Flip) [Prrrrrrr Records]