M40: Zepherin Saint


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Zepherin Saint has been pushing a deep, percussive afro house sound since launching his label Tribe Records back in 2009. Since then he has focused his output almost solely on his own imprint, which has showcased global grooves alongside top-draw soulful US house artists like Timmy Regisford, Peven Everett, Mr. V and Ron Carroll. His mix for Monologues journeys through his tribal sound, joining the dots between Afro and Latin music along the way and including some exclusive edits and unreleased beauts from his travels recording with musicians across the globe.

*How would you describe your sound?*

I like to delve into various sides of electronic music whilst bringing a live element to the production. I always like to include the human imperfection through live instrumentation or vocals and aim for the dance floor mostly. I am a big fan of indigenous music that tells stories through its rhythm and folklore and I attempt to find a way to include in my productions. In one word for me it’s 'soul' as that is where it comes from.

*What and who inspires you and influences your sound?*  

Watching people react to music be it in a coffee shop or club. Bands and artists like Earth Wind & Fire, Led Zeppelin, War, Parliament and Fela Kuti continuously influence me and more present day Yussef Kamaal and Floating Points.

*Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?*

I wanted to show various styles of what I have produced but at the same time present the soulful thread that joins it all together and also show case parts of the world I have been lucky enough to record in.


Zepherin Saint - Hey Jazz [Melange Records]

Mephia -  Pieces Of A Dream (Zepherin Saint Remix) [Tribe Records] unreleased

IFA IYAY - Chango's Dance [unreleased]

Dayme Arocena - Madres (Zepherin Saint Remix) [Brownswood]

Zepherin Saint - Paradise In Winter [unreleased]

Zepherin Saint - Z Drum Beat Edit [unreleased]

Zepherin Saint ft. Adama - Canima [Tribe Trax]

IFA IYAY - Soul Survivor [unreleased]

Zepherin Saint - Chess Dance (edit) [unreleased]

Kholi - Inner freak (Zepherin Saint Instrumental) [Tribe Records]

Zepherin Saint - One Sound [Tribe Records]

IFA IYAY - Flame [unreleased]