M38: Platzdasch


A veteran of the deep house scene who returned from a 12-year-hiatus in 2015, German producer Platzdasch specialises in a particularly lush and groovy take on the genre, full of wide atmospherics, classic samples and strong melody. Releases in recent times on Gents & Dandy’s Records and Masterworks Music have marked him out as a compelling force, and with a new collaborative partnership with a talented keyboard player now in the mix, he looks set to keep churning out quality house music in the near future.

*How would you describe your sound?*

Always deep, soulful and warm...

*What and who inspires you and influences your sound?*  

Three decades of electronic music and two decades of house music especially… there are too many great artists and songs that inspired and influenced me to mention them all.

*Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?*

First of all I feel very honoured to be able to join the great circle of producers who have contributed a Monologues podcast so far. Thanks to Ben Gomori!

The tunes I selected characterise my musical work since I return from musical retirement and it's great to realize that I found my way back into the music, perhaps more than ever before. Since I rarely listen to my finished and released songs it was a happy reunion as well!

The last track of my selection is Harvest, the first and forthcoming release together with my new fellow, the highly talented keyboard player Holger Dix. We had a great start into our cooperation and I'm looking forward to continue it!


Platzdasch - Feelin 88 [Gents & Dandy's Records]

Platzdasch - Dignified Words (Club Mix) [Manuscript Records Ukraine]

Platzdasch - Free At Last [Masterworks Music]

Platzdasch - Strimpulse [Masterworks Music]

Platzdasch - Mo Slowtion [Gents & Dandy's Records]

Platzdasch - Two Decades [Gents & Dandy's Records]

Platzdasch - Most Valued [Gents & Dandy's Records]

Platzdasch - Gleitsicht [Masterworks Music]

Platzdasch - First Step [Masterworks Music]

Khillaudio - Cut Your Grass (Platzdasch Remix) [Gents & Dandy's Records]

Platzdasch - Plus Sign [Masterworks Music]

Platzdasch feat. Dix - Harvest [Deep Inspiration Show Records]